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6330. Human Physiology (5) P: BIOL 1050, 1051; CHEM 1120. Physiological principles fundamental to living tissue. All body systems studied as they relate to normal and pathological conditions in humans.

6700. Medical Physiology* (8) P: Consent of chair. Foundation in principles of normal function of human body. Emphasis on human physiology. Basic physiological processes in health covered through lectures, conferences, demonstrations, and experimental lab sessions, with special emphasis to integrated nature of organ system function.

6725. Membrane Transport Processes (2) P: Calculus; physical chemistry; consent of chair. Current theories of electrolyte and non-electrolyte transport processes at cellular and organ levels.

6730. Cellular Neurophysiology* (3) P: Calculus; physical chemistry; consent of chair. Development of theoretical and experimental evidence underlying modern concepts of bioelectric phenomena. Current concepts of membrane structure, metabolism, resting and action potentials, ionic fluxes, and techniques used in electrophysiological research. Seminars with emphasis on critical evaluation of pertinent original research papers.

6735. Renal, Acid-Base Physiology (2) P: BIOC 7301; PHLY 6700; or 7701, 7702; consent of chair. Selected topics.

6738. Special Topics in Endocrinology (2) May be repeated. P: BIOC 7301; PHLY 6700, 7701, 7702; consent of chair Selected topics may include adrenal, reproductive, pituitary or thyroid physiology. Lectures and formal seminar presentation.

7701. Graduate Cellular Physiology (3) P: BIOC 7301 or equivalent; PHLY 7702 or equivalent. Advanced study of eukaryotic cell function. Emphasis on membrane biophysics, signal transduction, and control of proliferation and differentiation.

7702. Graduate Organ Systems Physiology (5) P: BIOC 7301 or equivalent; consent of chair. Advanced survey of physiological principles underlying cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and endocrine systems.

7703. Graduate Neuroscience (4) P: BIOC 7301, ANAT 7202/MCBI 7410; or consent of chair. Principles of neuroscience including current research at the system, cellular, molecular, and genetic levels.

7704. Physiological Proteogenomics (4) P: ANAT 7202 or MCBI 7410; BIOC 7301; PHLY 7701, 7702; or equivalent level course; consent of course director. Provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical guidelines for common techniques used in a wide variety of scientific research, coupled with practical guidelines for designing and interpreting scientific research, including basic principles of experimental design, problem solving, and data organization and presentation.

7705. Translational Physiology (3) P: PHLY 6700; or 7701, 7702; consent of chair. Translational research bridges gap from research laboratory to clinic. Physiological basis of diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, and renal systems. Examines integrated function of organ systems and how current research hopes to delay or completely prevent the progression of disease.

7710. Advanced Topics in Physiology* (3) May be repeated. P: PHLY 7702; consent of chair. Selected research topics.

7715. Seminar in Physiology* (1) May be repeated. P: PHLY 7701, 7702; consent of chair. Selected topics of current interest.

7730. Medical Neuroscience (5) Same as ANAT 7215 P: Consent of chair. Comprehensive survey of structure and function of human nervous system, including introduction to clinical neuroscience. Lab includes dissection of human brain and study of prosected specimens.

7733. Sensory Systems Neurophysiology (3) P: PHLY 6700; or 7701, 7702; consent of chair. Basic principles of functional organization of somatic and special sensory systems. Emphasis on synaptic processing of sensory information.

7740. Introduction to Research* (3) May be repeated. P: Consent of chair. Collaborative or independent research in variety of physiology specialty areas, including research in preparation for doctoral dissertation.

8710. Advanced Topics in Physiology (2) May be repeated. P: PHLY 7702; consent of chair. Selected research topics.

8720. Respiratory Physiology (2) P: PHLY 7701, 7702, 7704, 7705; consent of chair. Selected topics in lung mechanics, pulmonary function testing, pathophysiology, and pathogenesis.

9000. Dissertation (3-12) May be repeated. May count maximum of 18 s.h.

9001. Dissertation: Summer Research (1) May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting dissertation research may only register for this course during the summer.

P=Prerequisite(s); C=Corequisite(s); P/C=Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s); R=Recommended P, C, or P/C, ()= number of credits