Radiation Safety

Whenever sources of radiation are used at any institution, the safety of personnel and the general public becomes a prime consideration. To insure this safety, federal and state governments have developed regulations designed to protect the public health as related to radiation sources. Consequently, state regulations in agreement with federal standards require the existence of an adequate radiation safety program.

The Radiation Safety Committee and the Office of Prospective Health-Radiation Safety Section have been established to provide a quality radiation protection program for East Carolina University and the School of Dental Medicine. The committee has been authorized by the University Chancellor to review and approve proposals that utilize sources of radiation. The Office of Prospective Health-Radiation Safety Section provides for the daily program operation in compliance with the North Carolina Regulations for the Protection Against Radiation, 15A NCAC 11.

Contact Us

Marcus Jeannette

Marcus Jeannette, RSO
Basic Sciences Radiation Safety Officer

Mark Strausbauch

Mark Strausbauch
EHS Radiation Technician

Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson
EHS Technician

Radiation Badges

Radiation badges are sent to each department bimonthly. Upon receipt of your new radiation badge, badges from the prior 2 months must be returned ASAP to:

Nikki Page
Office of Prospective Health
Ed Warren Life Sciences Building, Room 188
Phone: 252-744-3823
Email: pagen@ecu.edu

All radiation dose history reports are available to radiation workers at anytime. Contact Nikki Page to request. The office of Prospective Health will notify you in writing if your radiation dose exceeds 2% of the annual whole body dose of 5000 millirem. So if your dose is greater than 200 millirem for the two month wear period, you will receive a letter from the Radiation Safety Officer.

Training and Education

Radiation Safety Class

  • All radiation users are required to take the radiation safety class before receiving a radiation badge or ring from Prospective Health.
  • The radiation safety class is taught the last Tuesday of each month from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm in the Ed Warren Life Sciences Building, Room 202.  Please bring paper and a pen with you to the class.
  • *If you are unable to attend the radiation safety class on the last Tuesday of the month, please contact Mark Strausbauch to arrange special training.
  • To receive credit for the course, be sure to include your full name, department, and principal investigator (person you are working for) in the email.
  • For questions, please email or call Mark Strausbauch at 744-3094.
Radiation Waste and Containment/Safety Review PowerPoint

Forms and Documents

Radioactive Waste Pick Up

For radioactive waste pick up, call 252-744-3867 and press #3.