Community Initiatives

Eastern Carolina Asthma Prevention Program

The Eastern Carolina Asthma Prevention Program (ECAPP) is a collaborative project between ECU Department of Public Health and Vidant Medical Pediatric Program aimed at reducing asthma among children ages 5-17 throughout eastern NC. ECAPP is a community based, environmental intervention program that provides in-home visits to low-income and ethnically diverse families who have children with asthma. The goals of the program are to improve the health of children with persistent asthma by reducing emergency department visits and number of missed days at school related to asthma; help parents and children learn self-management skills such as using medication properly; learn what to do when asthma symptoms worsen, and increase access to medical care and improve communication with health care providers.

Food Literacy Partners

Food Literacy empowers its participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the help of nutrition and public health professionals, participants learn to shop smarter, make healthier choices and cook delicious meals. This program is open to residents of Pitt County, North Carolina; it is also available to a variety of settings such as worksites and churches at no cost. Trained participants are asked to give 10 volunteer hours back to the community by providing nutrition information in the manner of their choosing. Funding is provided by Vidant Medical Foundation.

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Health Coach Initiative

The Health Coach Initiative is a collaborative effort with the Community Care Plan of Eastern Carolina to address the alarming rates of emergency department utilization and hospital admissions among individuals with chronic disease. A 96 hour curriculum is used to train health coaches to serve as patient navigators that work directly with participants to address barriers to healthcare access, encourage use of a medical home and promote positive lifestyle changes. Curriculum translation to the community college system is currently underway to standardize training for health coaches and lay health advisors in an effort to improve access to care and improve chronic disease management. Integration of health coaches into the medical team is a long term program goal. Funding is provided by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.

Heart Healthy Lenior Project

An integrated set of three interdisciplinary studies in Lenoir County to: 1) determine genetic factors associated with CVD risk; 2) understand the individual, social and economic determinants of health outcomes and the potential human and social capital that can support multi-level change; 3) apply these understandings to improved practice-based management of hypertension and community-based lifestyle management and test the impact on reducing health disparities in CVD risk factors.

The InShape Project

The goal of this project is to incorporate a feasible and effective cardiovascular disease reduction lifestyle intervention into the existing family planning services at Pitt County Health Department. The project will include three phases: Program Planning and Protocol Development, Implementation, and Analysis, Report-writing, and Dissemination.

Healthy Eating Resources

Long Term Care Continuum

The Long Term Care Continuum is a collaboration with Eastern Area Health Education Center and the Department of Public Health providing continuing education at each stage of education while allowing students from a variety of degree backgrounds to receive their MPH and licensure as a Long Term Care Administrator. Alternatively, individuals already practicing as long term care professionals including licensed administrators working with our increasing aging and geriatric population benefit from learning public health principles. Our interdisciplinary faculty includes leaders from long term care, hospitals and public health. Flexible course offerings include both face to face and on-line instruction. Funding was provided by the Duke Endowment.


PROSPER (Preparing Ourselves for Spiritual & Physical Enrichment and Renewal) is a church and community based program that utilizes trained lay health advisors as a vehicle to educate others in a group setting about the importance of health awareness and management. This program also encourages active participation in community events such as health fairs and working closely with local faith based organizations to introduce policy changes adding to healthy food availability. Funding was provided by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.