Degree Requirements

Forty-five (45) semester credit hours (s.c.h.) are required for the MPH Degree. As presented in Table 1, curriculum requirements are 24 hours of required core courses, 9 hours of concentration-specific courses, 3 hours of internship and professional paper, and 6 hours of electives.

Table 1 - Sample Summary of Course Requirements by Credit Hours

Course Requirements Hours Total Credits
Core Courses 8 24
Concentration-Specific Courses 3 9
Capstone Courses (Internship & Professional Paper I/II) 3-4 6
Electives 2 6
Total MPH Program 16-17 45

Consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of public health, five substantive areas of knowledge are offered in the MPH program as required by the accrediting body for education in public health. The eight core courses representing 24 semester credit hours are required to be completed by all students.