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2006 Events

Brent Hendrixson Chancellor Ballard and New Members Deans Johnson and Gilbert

2006 Banquet

Ann Mellon, Joe Luczkovich, Vince Bellis Ann Mellon, Ray & Barbara Vickers Art Bode, Paul & Mary Fletcher, Kathryn Verbanac Art Bode, Scott & Lorna Snyder Bob Bernhardt, Bob Fainter Bob Fainter Brenda Boklage, Nancy Bray, Lily Fainter Cathy Hall, Linda Wolfe Chuck & Brenda Boklage Deirdre Mageean, Chuck & Brenda Boklage Doug & Sue Barnum Executive Group Ann Mellon, Joe Luczkovich, Vince Bellis Joe & Patty Chalovich Joe Chalovich, Chuck & Brenda Boklage, Lily Fainter Joe Chalovich John Bray, Lorna Snyder Lily Fainter, Bob Bernhardt Art Bode, Scott & Lorna Snyder Mark Sprague, Chuck Boklage Mark Sprague, Michael Dingfielder Mohit Mathur, Tara Cartwright, Lori Blanchfield Nancy & John Bray Patty Chalovich, Sam Pennington Patty Chalovich, Sue Barnum Recent Executives (L to R): Mark Sprague, Peter Kragel, Joe Chalovich, Paul Fletcher, Chuck Boklage Tom Sayetta, Floyd Read

Events Archive

Dr. Khalmus Dr. Qun Lu Khalif Hakem Member Induction President & Secretary Raleigh Tenney Treasurers