Surgical Residency

Message from the Residents

Lisa Schlitzkus

Lisa Schlitzkus, M.D.
Graduate 2012

Nowadays, wherever you go to residency, you will be trained as a surgeon, meeting specific requirements by governing bodies. The key to selecting a residency program then is who do you want to surround yourself with? Who do want to call in the middle of the night when a patient is crashing and you need help? Who can you call to fill in during a family emergency? Surgical residency is challenging regardless of the program you choose, but if you surround yourself with hard-working, loyal, passionate people and you give 110% - you're better off. That's what our program is about.

Felicia N. Williams

Felicia N. Williams, M.D.
Graduate 2012

It is hard to imagine a greater challenge in life than devoting the rest of your life to treating, serving and saving others. This is the challenge of Medicine. There is no greater bond to your patients than to have both the physical and mental ability to help and save them. This is the amazement of Surgery. I chose this program because I felt that my fellow residents and the faculty understood these principles and would help mold me into the Surgeon I wanted to be. They have exceeded my expectations.

Sharon L. Williams

Sharon L. Williams, M.D.
Graduate 2009

I have enjoying my time here. There is a strong emphasis on learning but the atmosphere is friendly. Operative experience builds up from the intern year starting with skin, soft tissue, and basic laparoscopic procedures and advances to more challenging cases as you go. Clinical and basic science education is a blend of didactic and bedside teaching. All of the services are busy with lots of cases and clinic but we have a lot of fun working together.