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Dr. Mary Lois Staton, Professor Emeritus and outstanding professor of education at East Carolina University for 27 years, is credited with initial conference development and endowment. Dr. Staton earned her undergraduate degree from Flora McDonald and her master's degrees from East Carolina Teacher's College and Teacher's College, Columbia University. In 1952 Dr. Staton completed her doctoral degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Staton passed away in 2002. However, her legacy lives on as this conference, bearing her name, continues to serve as a testament to her dedication to literacy, literacy instruction, and professional development.

The Mary Lois Staton Reading/Language Arts Conference is an annual conference in honor and in memory of Dr. Mary Lois Staton, former professor at East Carolina University. This event provides excellent professional development opportunities for educators, with keynote speakers and concurrent sessions on a wide variety of pertinent and significant literacy topics. The conference has been held for over 30 years, and has contributed greatly to literacy professional development for all. We are appreciative of the continued support and participation of Dr. Staton's nieces, Lois Langston Staton and Beverly Staton Stocks and their families.