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Licensure Only

The Licensure Only pathway to teaching is for students who have a degree from a regionally accredited university and want to complete coursework before they obtain a teaching job. There is a two semester Internship I and II requirement that must be completed in one of our Latham Clinical Schools Network districts. Licensure Only programs will vary by content area. The length will depend on your background in the content area and how many courses you are willing to take each semester. Students must take classes each semester in order to maintain eligibility to register. Should you skip a semester, you will be required to be re-admitted to the university. Many students who select this option may choose to search for available teaching jobs. If obtaining employment as a teacher, our Alternative Licensure Office will work to revise the plan of study to one of our Lateral Entry Options.

To help you through the program, from the application process to final licensure, use the Licensure Only Step-by-Step Guide.

Master of Arts in Teaching

If you are interested in obtaining teaching licensure, there is also a Master of Arts in Teaching option. The Master of Arts in Teaching program provides individuals with undergraduate degrees in particular majors to earn a teaching license and graduate degree simultaneously.  Featuring 14 different concentrations, the MAT program (with the exception of Special Education) is completed in one year, beginning in summer 2 semester and finishing at the end of the next summer 1 semester; includes a full-semester internship; and requires both face-to-face and on-line classes.

Paula Howell - MAT Hispanic Studies Concentration
Paula Howell

Hispanic Studies Concentration

Paula Howell is a Master of Arts in Teaching graduate student with a concentration in Hispanic Studies. Originally from Ohio, Paula has had a unique interest in Spanish language and culture from a young age. After working in the Study Abroad field for several years, Paula decided to return to school to bring the wonders of Spanish to students directly by becoming a licensed teacher of the language. Through the MAT program, Paula is enjoying the challenging and fulfilling journey of becoming a foreign language educator and is excited to bring her passion for the subject to the classroom.