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Center for STEM Education (Formerly CSMTE)

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The Center for STEM Education serves eastern North Carolina with a mission to:
  1. Improve the quality and quantity of K-12 teachers of science and mathematics;
  2. Provide strong experiences in science and mathematics for all K-16 students, while increasing the number of graduates pursuing careers in STEM disciplines;
  3. Create a supportive environment for multidisciplinary research, evaluation and assessment while bridging the gap between educators and STEM professionals; and
  4. Encourage community engagement that leads to increased university partnerships with school districts, business and industry.
Through collaborations with university departments, business and industry, and schools, the ECU Center translates the findings of educational research into practices that benefit students and teachers.

The Center is located at the corner of 4th and Cotanche Street in downtown Greenville. Please call for directions (252-328-6885).

A team of ECU faculty, staff, and students administer the Center's program. Meet our team.