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Educator Recruitment and Retention

Educator recruitment and retention secures the talent and skills of the highest quality professionals for every classroom, school, and district in Kentucky. The Division seeks to recruit, select, and retain exceptional, multi-dimensional individuals who have chosen education as their career.

Kentucky Department of Education
As part of ongoing commitment to recruiting the best and brightest educators for Kentucky, minority educator recruitment and retention seeks to actively recruit and retain qualified, diverse educators for Kentucky’s schools. Traditional education programs, scholarships, alternative certification routes, professional development and early identification initiatives are tools used to accomplish this undertaking.

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Clearinghouse of Native Teaching and Learning

The Clearinghouse of Native Teaching and Learning has many resources on recruitment and retention of teachers.
Here are a few of them:
a. Teacher recruitment: Preparation and retention for hard-to-staff schools
b. Attracting and retaining teachers in rural areas
c. Teacher and administrator training, recruitment and retention
d. Recruitment and preparation of quality teachers for rural schools
e. The problem of recruiting and retaining teachers for rural areas: An application of anthropological concepts and methods in a Department of Education
f. Supporting beginning teachers in rural and small schools
g. Teacher recruitment and retention in rural schools

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