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Graduate Certificate in Education in the Healthcare Professions

ADED in Healthcare Professions
Do you want to enhance your career as an Educator in Healthcare Professions?

Instructors who teach healthcare-related courses at colleges, universities and community colleges and those considering pursuing a career in teaching in healthcare-related professions are encouraged to apply to this certificate program. This certificate is aimed at current and potential instructors teaching in medical fields as well as in dentistry, physical therapy, nursing assistant, and all other healthcare-related programs.

The program is taught through a distance education format, making it easier for professionals to find time to fulfill the requirements of the certificate.

Education in the Healthcare Professions Certificate Flyer

Program Details:

Application for admission to the Graduate School is made either online or on forms furnished by the Graduate School. All applicants for admissions pay a nondeductible, nonrefundable fee of $70. The application form and all supporting documents should be received by the Graduate School, Ragsdale Building, (252) 328-6012 at least thirty days prior to the beginning of any semester or summer term.

Applicants are asked to furnish two official transcripts from each institution attended since high school, a statement of intent, and at least two letters of recommendation. Once the application is complete and has been forwarded to the Coordinator of the Adult Education program, it will be reviewed and an admission decision will be made.

General Admissions Requirements
  1. Academic Achievement - Applicants must first meet the requirements for the admission to the Graduate School. The junior and senior years of under- graduate study are particularly crucial. It is recognized, however, that some applicants have finished their undergraduate study some time ago and that work experience and motivation are also factors in success in graduate study.
  2. Letters of Recommendation - Applicants will be asked to present two letters of reference which can speak to their ability to perform graduate level academic work as well as their interest and experience in adult education.
  3. Statement of Intent - All applicants to the program will be required to include a Statement of Intent with application materials. This statement should highlight applicants' reasons for applying to the Adult Education program.

The Graduate Certificate in Education in the Healthcare Professions requires a minimum of 15 semester hours. A culminating portfolio is also required. Coursework is as follows:

Education in the Healthcare Professions Core Courses (9 semester hours)
  • ADED 6487 Instructional Strategies
  • ADED 6495 Educational Program Evaluation
  • ADED 7580 Introduction to Education in the Healthcare Professions
Electives (6 semester hours)

Electives may come from adult education, instructional technologies, information technologies education or other related fields.

Portfolio Guidelines

For a full listing of all of the names and descriptions of the courses within this program, please visit the Adult Education section of the Graduate Catalog.

Following is a list of when each core course in the certificate program is typically offered. Course schedules for specific semesters may vary.

  • ADED 6487 Instructional Strategies – Offered during spring semester.
  • ADED 6495 Educational Program Evaluation – Offered during spring or summer semesters.
  • ADED 7580 Introduction to Education in the Healthcare Professions – Offered during summer semester.

Get information on the cost, financing, and success rate of graduates in this certificate program by visiting the Gainful Employment Data page.

Adult Education Handbook for the MAEd and certificates.