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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Majors

The Business and Information Technologies (BITE) undergraduate program area consist of majors in business education, business and marketing education, and information technologies, each of which opens doors to an exciting and fulfilling future.

The Business and Marketing Education program is rich in clinical experiences and designed to produce business and marketing education teachers who are innovative, reflective practitioners and who provide professional service to the community, state, and the nation.

The Information Technologies program prepares and develops professionals in information technology. Graduates of this program can work in a variety of settings. Jobs include hardware and software support, office management, systems management in small companies, consulting, training specialist for sales organizations or companies, hardware and software sales and service, desktop publishing, website development, or traditional office support positions.

Undergraduate Minors

The Business and Information Technologies (BITE) undergraduate minors include information Processing and Distribution Technology.

The Information Processing minor develops skills in hardware, software programs, office management, technical training, and web site design and maintenance.

The Distribution Technology minor develops skills that include knowledge in finance, business, communications, merchandising, promotion, selling, ecommerce, and web site design and maintenance.

All of these programs are in the process of being discontinued. No new students are being admitted into any of these programs. Students in any of these programs have until May, 2019, to complete their programs of study. For information about any of these majors or minors contact Dr. Ivan Wallace, BITE Program Coordinator, at 252-328-6770 or email