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CAEP Annual Report

About COE

The College of Education consists of six academic departments that offer seventeen undergraduate degree programs, twenty-two graduate degree programs, six programs for advanced certification, and the EdD program in educational leadership.

The College of Education also administers Educator Preparation, the Office of Clinical Experiences, the Office of Alternative Licensure, the East Carolina Latham Clinical Schools Network, SECU Partnership East, the College of Education Community of Scholars which includes students from Maynard Scholars Program and the Abernathy Scholars Program, among others, the ECU Center for STEM Education, Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics, and is host for NC TEACH.

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Education is the preparation of professional educators and allied practitioners, including professionals in business information systems, counseling, electronic media, and librarianship. Significant to this mission is a strong commitment to three important related areas, all of which are realized through partnerships and other endeavors. These three areas are:

  1. the encouragement and nurturing of professional growth for educators and allied practitioners at all levels and in all areas of the educational endeavor;
  2. a continuing emphasis on and support for scholarship and research/creative activity;
  3. and service in all areas of professional education.

Critical to such commitment is the promotion of effective teaching; staff participation in the improvement of schools; and, in concert with other state agencies, the development and creation of educational policy for North Carolina.

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The UNC Educator Quality Dashboard serves as an interactive on-line tool for viewing and analyzing data on educator preparation in North Carolina.

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