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Elementary Education - Mathematics Concentration

Elementary Education majors are required to earn an academic concentration. There are many choices for the concentration, but the Mathematics Concentration offers the future elementary teacher the chance to set herself/himself apart from others by focusing on a core subject that is tested in grades 3-5.

The 18-hour Mathematics Concentration taken by Elementary Education majors features the Foundations Curriculum mathematics course and 15 hours of course work specifically designed for teachers. These courses focus on multiple ways to solve problems, various types of mathematical representations, common student errors within the particular course topic, and opportunities to use tools (manipulatives, technology, etc.) to investigate mathematics.

Those preparing to be elementary teachers can make themselves even more marketable by adding middle grades mathematics to the elementary license. They do this by passing the middle grades mathematics licensure test, but we also strongly recommend completion of the full 24-hour concentration (add MATE 3367 and MATH 2119) to gain “highly qualified” status.

Program Details

You are almost finished with your Concentration in Elementary Education! Please check-in with your advisor in your program area to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to graduate.