Mursion Immersive Simulation Lab

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Ms. Christine Wilson
Mursion Coordinator
125 Speight Building


Mrs. Holly Fales
Mursion Coordinator
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Mursion @ East Carolina

Mursion’s unique blend of virtual reality technology and live human performance creates powerful and immersive learning simulations. Research suggests that this is the most powerful model for simulating authentic interpersonal exchanges.

Mursion Environments

Mursion Customer Experience

There are a variety of environments available to suit the needs of many different program areas.

These environments include classrooms, offices, conference rooms, a medical examination room, a hotel lobby and restaurant.

Customer Service Training

Mursion provides immersive learning opportunities for front-line staff in hospitality, healthcare, retail, and other sectors that demand friendly, helpful, and efficient customer service. In the scenario above, front desk hotel staff practice how to effectively handle challenging customers.

Mursion Sunny OfficeHuman Resources and Leadership Training

Mursion Conference 1Hard-to-teach leadership skills, such as conducting performance reviews or performance improvement interventions, are easily rehearsed in Mursion's simulator. Mursion also creates multi-avatar environments to allow trainees to practice facilitating team meetings or managing an interpersonal conflict that is impeding job performance.

Mursion Medical Examination RoomStandardized Patient Simulation

Healthcare professionals can practice a wide range of essential interpersonal skills including practicing delivering negative diagnoses to family members of a patient. Healthcare professionals can also rehearse standardized patient interviews.

Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

Mursion Middle School EnvironmentCutting-edge education organizations are using the immersive learning middle school and high school classroom simulators to:

  • Practice challenging instructional strategies and lessons
  • Improve how teachers communicate with parents
  • Establish classroom routines and manage classroom behavior
  • Assess teacher effectiveness
Educator Leadership Training
Mursion Executive Office

Mursion provides customized training simulations for principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders to practice and master essential school leadership skills, such as:

  • Providing feedback to a struggling teacher
  • Engaging parents in challenging conversations
  • Effectively facilitating team meetings to improve instruction and address achievement gaps
Adult Avatars

Environments featuring adult avatars give the facilitator several different choices. Below are the avatars available, shown in the different office settings that are available.