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Ms. Christine Wilson
Mursion Coordinator
125 Speight Building


Mrs. Holly Fales
Mursion Coordinator
122 Speight Building

Mursion @ East Carolina

An Introduction

Mursion Virtual ClassroomMursion is an immersive learning experience that provides our education candidates a safe space in which they can practice what they have learned in the classroom with an opportunity to get direct feedback from virtual students, peers, and their professor.

The concept and technology was developed at the University of Central Florida (UCF) as TeachLive but has been licensed and is now commercially marketed as Mursion. We learned about this technology in 2015 and after exploring how it was being used at UCF, pursued the use of it in a pilot in our Elementary and Middle Grades program beginning Spring 2016. 

Research at UCF has shown that Mursion provides candidates with a unique opportunity to practice collaborative and communication skills that are not often addressed in teacher education programs. The group process of observing, brainstorming and reflecting is one of the most valuable components of this experience that cannot be replicated with typical fieldwork. 

If you would like to take peer into the Mursion classroom, take a look at our Mursion Clips, a group of clips from the teacher's perspective.