Mursion Immersive Simulation Lab

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Ms. Christine Wilson
Mursion Coordinator
125 Speight Building


Mrs. Holly Fales
Mursion Coordinator
122 Speight Building

Mursion @ East Carolina

Mursion’s unique blend of virtual reality technology and live human performance creates powerful and immersive learning simulations. Research suggests that this is the most powerful model for simulating authentic interpersonal exchanges.

Medical Learning

Virtual medical examination room - used for single patient interactions or dual patient scenarios. There are a combination of child and adult avatars in this environment, which is helpful for pediatric scenarios.

Mursion Medical Examination Room

The use of standardized patients (SPs) to provide medical trainees with realistic simulations of patient interactions has become an indispensable tool of medical education and assessment.

For hard-to-cast populations, such as pediatrics, SP training has been nearly impossible to effectively implement. Mursion's virtual standardized patient (VSP)simulators offer medical educators a powerful new tool to improve a blend of technical and interpersonal skills, such as:

  • Delivering a negative diagnosis
  • Providing psychological therapy
  • Giving a patient history and coaching interview
  • Interacting effectively with a patient/caregiver and an adolescent
  • Debriefing with a surgical team
  • Handling noncompliance
  • Providing guidance on prescription medication
  • Reviewing treatment goals and securing informed consent for treatment

The avatars used with this scene can be the ones shown in the picture as well as the ones shown in the pictures below. Other combinations are not available.

When scheduling, please choose Medical Learning to use this setting.