Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) Leadership & Authority

Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) Leadership & Authority

What is the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) Unit?

The Dean of the ECU COE provides leadership and authority for the EPP unit. The ECU COE manages the accreditation process for the EPP at the institution. The EPP is comprised of programs across five colleges at the institution, united by the EPP and the Provost's Council on Teacher Education; an organizational chart of EPP programs illustrates the structure below.

What is the Council for Educator Preparation(CEP)?

The CTE is the representative body of the EPP at ECU. CTE includes representatives from all EPP departments, as well as student and public school partner representatives. CTE meets monthly and addresses EPP issues related to admissions and retention, curriculum, assessment and evaluation, and policy.

What is the Provost Council?

The Provost's Council on Teacher Education includes the Provost, deans of the colleges that house EPP programs, the Dean of the ECU Graduate School, and key faculty and administrators in the COE. The Provost's Council was first established in 2006 to unite teacher preparation efforts with a particular focus on collaborative efforts between teacher education and the arts and sciences.

Organizational Chart of EPP Programs

EPP Org Chart