Grants Awards Process2012

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Step 1 - Award Package Distribution

  • Upon receipt, the OGC forwards the complete award notification package to the Director of Grants Management in the Dean's Office.
  • The Director of Grants Management distributes copies to the Leadership of the Grants Management Team (Associate Dean of Research, Chair, PI, and Grant SPA) and schedules a Team Orientation Meeting.

Step 2 - Grants Administration Team Orientation

  • Within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the award package, the Director of Grants Management will schedule a meeting of the Grants Management Team to meet and review and discuss the post-award management process including:
    • Compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant;
    • Performance and financial reporting requirements (progress reports and final reports);
    • Allowable vs. Unallowable costs;
    • Project period and budget period;
    • Time & Effort reporting;
    • Cost Share or Matching (Cash or In-Kind Contributions) requirements;
    • EPAF's
    • Account management, budget transfers, and payroll requirements
    • The evaluation plan and sustainability plan;
    • Timing of hiring and purchases:
    • Contract modifications / negotiations; and
    • Any Facilities / ITS requirements and purchases, and the appropriate timing of such.
  • Within 10 days of Grants and Contracts receiving the award package, the new fund will be established.

Step 3 - Ongoing Meetings & Reports

  • Upon receipt of the award, the Director of Grants Management will review and approve budgets and expenses before being accounts are established.
  • Each quarter, the Director of Grants Management will schedule a meeting of each Grants Administration Team to review fiscal and performance compliance.
  • Each month, Director of Grants Management will review applicable Grants Reconciliation reports from all Team members and other appropriate staff.
  • Each month, the Director of Grants Management will distribute a Grant Funds Report currently known as Grant Listings; of all grant-funded projects to appropriate individuals.
  • Each quarter, Project Directors will send Time & Effort Reporting and/or Cost Share reports to the Director of Grants Management.
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