Current COE Proposals

Project Project Build
Principal Investigator Kristen Cuthrell
Sponsor US Department of Education (DOED)
Project Dates 10/01/17 - 9/30/20
Total Award Amount $5,525,375.16
Abstract Supporting teachers to improve the effectiveness of beginning lateral entry teachers in 12 school districts in eastern NC that serve high concentrations of High-Need Students.
Project ECU Rural Education Institute-National Research and Development Center
Principal Investigator Kristen Cuthrell
Sponsor DOED Institute of Education Sciences (IES)
Project Dates 7/01/18 - 6/30/23
Total Award Amount $9,992,011.67
Abstract ECU working with researchers at 6 Universities across the USA, one regional cooperative, and 12 partner school districts in remote rural areas of 8 states to establish the Rural Education Institute-National Research and Development Cent (REI-NRDC) focused on improving rural education.
Project Gender Based Violence Prevention and Reintegration Project Cameroon
Principal Investigator Allison Crowe
Sponsor World Bank Group
Project Dates 6/1/18 – 5/31/2020
Total Award Amount $99,994.50
Abstract Intimate partner violence (IPV) in Cameroon has been called a widespread, pervasive health crisis. Legal protection against IPV has recently been established suggesting that Cameroon is starting to address this problem and is in need of more policy recommendations to further this effort. To answer this need for primary and secondary prevention and intervention efforts to decrease and end IPV in Cameroon, a partnership has been formed between ECU, UNC-Greensboro, and the Mother of Hope Cameroon.
Project Education Innovation and Research Program-Mid-Phase Grants
Principal Investigator Kim Anderson
Sponsor University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
Project Dates 10/01/17 – 9/30/22
Total Award Amount $94,301.28
Abstract Developing and supervising summer lab PD and support coaches who are doing virtual and onsite coaching.


Project VR-based Learning Platform to Engender Student Conceptual Understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion: Impact on Grade 6 Students
Principal Investigator Leonard Annetta
Sponsor National Science Foundation (NSF)/Florida Atlantic University
Project Dates 5/01/18 – 4/30/22
Total Award Amount $144,218.13
Abstract The purpose is to provide scientific (physics, NGSS 3D standards), technological expertise (3D-Virtual Reality and Simulation), and science learning and assessment expertise in working with middle school students and teachers in the School District of Palm Beach County, FL.
Project Investigating Natural Hazards with Big Data and Communicating Science Through Games in Underserved Rural Community Education Centers
Principal Investigator Leonard Annetta
Sponsor National Science Foundation (NSF)
Project Dates 5/01/18 – 4/30/23
Total Award Amount $2,989,939.63
Abstract INDUCE, an Innovations in Development project, is a unique partnership between ECU, Boys and Girls Club of Eastern NC, and SAS, Inc. INDUCE promises to advance a new approach to evidence-based understanding of the design and interdisciplinary sciences with disciplines in communication and arts.
Project NSFGEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: Bloom Initiation Dynamics in the Ross Sea (BID-RS).
Principal Investigator Dan Dickerson
Sponsor National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
Project Dates 3/01/18 - 2/28/21
Total Award Amount $84,918.70
Abstract The purpose is to use advanced pedagogical techniques and technologies to provide educational outreach for four distinct target populations: K-12 students, pre-service science teachers, in-service science teachers, and informal science educators. Web-based technologies will be used to provide Distance Education Modules (DEMs) regarding data collection and analysis from the Ross Sea to teach STEM concepts.
Project AIICS: Achieving Excellence, Increasing Diversity, and Improving retention in Computer Science
Principal Investigator Qin Ding/Leonard Annetta
Sponsor National Science Foundation (NSF) NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics (S-STEM)
Project Dates 02/01/18 - 1/31/23
Total Award Amount $618,826.75
Abstract The AIICS Scholarship program in Computer Science at East Carolina University (ECU) aims to attract, retain, and enable academically talented students with financial need to pursue computer science, especially women and minority students to increase diversity, improve retention, and help maximize student success.
Project Modeling Industrial Mathematics-Investigating Careers in STEM (MIMICS)
Principal Investigator Daniel Dickerson
Sponsor National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM+C
Project Dates 9/01/18 - 8/31/21
Total Award Amount $1,192,991.35
Abstract Modeling Industrial Mathematics-Investigating Careers in STEM (MIMICS) is a 3-year program linking eastern NC industry, teachers, students, and parents to higher education to create STEM career opportunities. MIMICS addresses the gap between real-world industry, secondary, and higher education by coordinating partnerships between local industry (focusing on energy and the environment) and STEM education.
Project Next Generation Scientists: Promoting STEM Interests and Careers Through Enclothed Cognition
Principal Investigator Tammy Lee
Sponsor NC State University/National Science Foundation (NSF)- I-TEST
Project Dates 8/21/18 - 8/20/21
Total Award Amount $259,067.53
Abstract This ITEST Strategies project will research and test a new model to promote the development of positive science identity to increase interest in STEM careers for rural youth. The project will research the ITEST foci related to learning environment conditions that enhance learner motivations, mindsets, identity, and interest in STEM learning and occupations.