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Dr. Sandra H. Warren
Graduate Programs Director
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 ECU Behavior Specialist Graduate Certificate

The Behavior Specialist Certificate program provides educators and other professionals with best practice, research-based knowledge and skills necessary to work with individuals, with or without disabilities, who are at risk in schools and other environments because of emotional, behavioral, or social challenges. Candidates will learn to demonstrate and apply thorough knowledge of characteristics of individuals with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges; implement multi-tiered positive behavior interventions and supports, including individualized strategies across environments; and develop collaborative support plans with stakeholders, including teachers, families, and community service providers.

This program is taught through distance education, and all courses are offered online. To earn the Graduate Behavior Specialist Certificate, the following courses are required:

SPED 6014: Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

(3 cr.) Applying principles of positive behavior intervention and support to address individual, classroom, and schoolwide behavior challenges.

SPED 6901: Introduction to Individuals with Challenging Behaviors

(3 cr.) Characteristics of individuals at risk in school and other environments because of emotional, behavioral, or social challenges and concomitant evidence-based interventions and resources.

SPED 6902: Intensive Behavioral Supports across Environments

(3 cr.) P: SPED 6014; RP: SPED 6901. Adapting and employing individualized strategies and interventions across the educational continuum.

SPED 6903: Behavioral Consultation and Collaboration

(3 cr.) P. SPED 6901; RP: SPED 6014. Working with educators, other professionals, and communities to develop support plans for individuals and families.

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