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I am a high school student interested in a career in teaching

Are you looking for a career that is meaningful, challenging, and engaging? If so, being a teacher is a great choice! East Carolina University's College of Education offers a wide variety of programs at the undergraduate level. Our state and nation needs young people to help shape the future one classroom at a time. Learn more about how you can become at teacher and change the world!

The College of Education has 18 undergraduate degrees that range from teaching Pre-Kindergarten to high school students. For a full listing of our undergraduate degrees, visit our Degrees page.

The College of Education seeks to attract the best and the brightest into the education profession. Our Community of Scholars provides a support system for teacher education students at ECU.

Scholarships are available for incoming students and undergraduates majoring in education.

ECU Admissions is glad to assist you with your transition from high school to becoming a Pirate!
 Meet Rebecca
Poole UG Student Profile

Rising senior and secondary math education major Rebecca Poole has always been gifted with numbers.  

"When I was little I'd much rather do flashcards or something than read," said Poole. "I like being able to solve a problem. With math, there's a concrete answer". 

Poole discovered her interest in teaching math while in seventh grade.

"We had a permanent substitute teacher for two months, and one day he was trying to go over a problem and didn't understand it," said Poole. "I asked if I could show everybody how I did it because I got the right answer. Just seeing the light bulb go off for people...When you can help (kids) understand and see that they can do it, there's no better feeling."

During her freshman and sophomore years at East Carolina University, Poole tutored at The Little Willie Center, an after-school program in Greenville.

"(I appreciate) learning how to relate to and understand kids from different cultural and economic backgrounds," said Poole. "I want to teach and make a difference and really show kids that math can be fun and they use it every day."