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I am an undergraduate student who is looking to change my major to education.

Are you looking to change your major or are not sure about selecting a major here at ECU? If so, teacher education is a great choice! East Carolina University's College of Education offers a wide variety of programs at the undergraduate level. Our state and nation needs diverse individuals to help shape the future on classroom at a time. Learn more about how you can become a teacher and change the world! 

The College of Education has 18 undergraduate degrees that range from teaching Pre-Kindergarten to high school students. For a full listing of our undergraduate degrees, visit our Degrees page.

Scholarships are available for incoming students and undergraduates majoring in education.

The College of Education Advising Center is glad to help you transition to your new major in education.
 Meet Joe
Joe Guice UG Profile Picture

From the Coast Guard to the Classroom: Meet Joe Guice

Joe Guice's path to become a teacher hasn't followed the traditional route. As a junior in high school, he dropped out to join the workforce. Joe took night classes to obtain his G.E.D. and high school diploma. At that time, he viewed military service as a stepping stone for the future; and at 18, he joined the Coast Guard. During his time serving in the military from 2006 to 2012, he worked as an avionics electrical technician primarily servicing HH65 helicopters.

After he was medically discharged in 2012, Joe knew he wanted to go back to school to take advantage of his G.I. Bill benefits. He matriculated to Craven Community College in New Bern and began work on college transfer courses. He knew he wanted to teach middle school and had a passion for social studies. Joe explored online options for middle grades close to his home in Craven County but wasn't able to find a good match for his career plans. He decided to complete his associate's degree and then transfer to ECU as a possible history major with the prospect of becoming a lateral entry teacher later on.

Joe transferred to ECU in the spring of 2016 and enrolled as an undecided major. He worked with the advisors in the Advising Collaborative office to investigate options for completing his four year degree. At the end of the semester, he researched the degree in History Education which also permits students to double major in History as well. Joe then met with Dr. Amy Shannon in the College of Education's Academic Advising Center and she helped him map out a path to becoming a history teacher. He's now a declared History Education major and is taking courses within the program.

When asked how he felt about his choice to pursue a degree in teaching, Joe stated, "It feels like I'm where I'm supposed to be." He said that he feels like teaching is a calling for him and that he wants to be in a profession where he can help others realize that understanding the past can help shape decisions for the future. Joe shared that when he was in the military that he often heard others complain about limited options for the future. He shared that he has a "can do" attitude and that there are jobs and options. Joe revealed, "If you work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that are out there, you can do anything."

Joe looks forward to imparting his love of history with his future students and is hoping to teach in Craven County upon completion of his degree. He also wishes to further his education by obtaining a graduate degree as well. While his path to being a teacher hasn't been a straight one, Joe is excited about his options at East Carolina University within the College of Education.