The College of Health and Human Performance

HHP Administration & Staff

Dr. Stacey Altman--Dept. Chair KINE

LTC Roxane Engelbrecht--Air Force ROTC Commander

Mr. Charles Baldwin--IT Consultant

Ms. Gloria Batts--Grants & Contracts Administrator

Ms. Stephanie Boyd--Administrative Support Associate

Mr. Ray Branch--Equipment Room Director

Mr. Bill Cain--Assistant to the Dean

Ms. Lauren Cummings--Academic Advisor

Dr. Jim Decker--Associate Dean

Dr. C. Stephen Duncan--Director of Military Programs and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Administration & Finance

Dr. Glen Gilbert--Dean

Mr. Randy Gilland--Academic Advising Center Director

Ms. Sandie Griffin--Academic Advisor

LTC Sean E. Farrar--Army ROTC Battalion Commander

Dr. Matthew Mahar--Dept. Chair RCLS

Dr. J. Don Chaney--Dept. Chair HE&P

Dr. Susan McGhee--Associate Dean

Mr. Dean Morris--Facilities & Operations Director

Ms. Kathy Muse--Public Communications Specialist

Ms. Robbin Nelson--Office Assistant

Ms. Vickie Best--Executive Assistant to the Dean