Ph.D. in Bioenergetics

The Ph.D. program in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science is housed in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Health and Human Performance, and is offered in conjunction with the Departments of Physiology and Biochemistry in the Brody School of Medicine. In the most recent rankings, our doctoral program was ranked 16th by the National Academy of Kinesiology in 2015. This ranking was based upon program faculty indices of productivity, funding and visibility as well as student indices of graduate assistant support, student quality, employment and admissions.

The East Carolina University Bioenergetics and Exercise Science program combines study in exercise science, kinesiology, biochemistry and physiology culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy degree. In essence the program investigates how energy produced and released by the metabolic process is harnessed to perform the cellular work and activities necessary to sustain life. The 69 semester hour program includes core coursework, laboratory research rotations and a 27 s.h. dissertation requirement. Students have the opportunity to utilize laboratory and research facilities of all participating disciplines. Bioenergetics and Exercise Science graduates address research questions at the level of the whole body to the gene using a variety of approaches and are trained for employment in health care, government, academic, research and service institutions.

The resources and faculty in the Human Performance Lab (HPL) are available and are intrinsic to students pursuing this degree option housed in the Department of Kinesiology. Students thus apply to the Ph.D. in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science by contacting the Department of Kinesiology but students typically work with, and are funded by, faculty working in the HPL and/or the Brody School of Medicine. For further information, please link to the curriculum for this program in the Department of EXSS and/or contact Katsu Funai, Ph.D., Director of the PhD program in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science.

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