Camtasia Screen Capture Software

What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is software used to record onscreen activity, audio and web cam video and narrate existing PowerPoint presentations. Through Camtasia, you can record, edit, produce and share course content. Editing features include callouts, transitions, zoom-in-pan, audio enhancements and more. Produce the final video file that students watch at their convenience and can include a table of contents to aid navigation.
Uses & Benefits
  • Pre-record course lectures
  • Provide supplemental course material
  • Provide step-by-step tutorials
  • Provide a tour of your online course environment
  • Record webcam introductions to weekly course content
How do I get started using Camtasia?
  • Departments can order this software through TechSmith
  • Visit the Camtasia Studio 7 Learning Center
  • Visit the TechSmith website to download a free trial
  • Request Winmedia server space at the Online Help Desk (to share your files)
  • You will need a headset to record audio
  • You will need a webcam to record video
  • Download the latest flash player to view mp4 files

Interested in ordering the Camtasia software?

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Education Account Manager
TechSmith Corporation
Direct: 517.381.2660
Mobile: 269.274.2886
Fax: 517.913.6121


What does a Camtasia production look like?