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Systems & Application Support

Enterprise Systems & Operations

This division of Systems and Application Support includes Shift Operations, Unix and Windows.

Shift Operations

Rocky and his team monitor the Data Center environment and resolve issues associated with HVAC, electrical network, systems and applications. They also resolve related Help Desk calls and install/uninstall DC-affiliated hardware or server software patches while also tracking fixed assets and control Cotanche shipping and receiving. They liaison with the ECU community, outside contractors and vendors concerning these functions.

Operations Shift 1
1st Shift: Rocky Howell (Mgr.), Richie Proctor, Margie Atkins and Brian Peaden

Operations Shift 2
2nd Shift: Matt Allen, Terrance Flowers, Jimmy Lee

Operations 3rd Shift
3rd Shift: Bruce Hutchinson, Joel Williams, Steve Burton


Unix Team

Coming soon.

Windows Team

Coming soon.