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As an instructor, you can create instant polling questions from Web content, PDF's, Microsoft Office products, whiteboards and more. In addition, you can create and save quizzes or create interactive presentations in a PowerPoint format. Grades from polled responses can also be downloaded into the Blackboard Grade Center.

Audience responses are collected through the radio receiver which has a clicker-to-receiver ratio of 1 to 1,000, and an average receiving range of 200 ft. Receivers for larger classrooms are also available.

To request the Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT for your class, include ISBN Number: 978-1-934931-45-5 in your textbook requisition. The receiver and a student clicker to be used for testing presentations are provided to the instructor at no charge.

Turning Technologies has an array of resources and videos to help instructors decide which features fit their particular need. Visit the Product Training page to access online tutorials, training documents, Webinar archives and more.

All Turning Technologies software is free and available for download at the Turning Technologies website and integrates with Blackboard, allowing grades to be directly imported into the grade center.

Tools for Use In Class

Change Clicker Channel (PowerPoint Slide)

Frequently Asked

How do I turn on the Turning Technologies building block in my course?

View the Faculty TurningPoint Blackboard Registration instructions document.

How do students register the Turning Technologies response card?

See Printable Registration Guide

Where do users request assistance with clickers?

Students should visit either Walk-in IT Help Desk location:
  • Austin 103, Main Campus
  • Health Sciences Building 3330, Health Sciences Campus
Instructors contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for their department or the IT Help Desk, 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081

I am not able to receive responses from all students.

All your students' response cards and the TurningPoint receiver need to be on the same channel to receive all responses. The default channel is 41.

I plug in my TurningPoint receiver, but nothing happens.

TurningPoint receivers must be plugged in to a powered USB port. Use a port on the computer itself rather than those on peripheral devices, such as monitors, as the computer ports are more likely to be powered ports.

Where can I store participation data?

To secure student response data downloaded from a TurningPoint session, save all files to a personal or departmental Piratedrive folder or a secure encrypted USB flash drive. Visit the Data Encryption page for encryption software and flash drive recommendations. To further minimize the threat of release, delete downloaded files once you no longer need the information.
For additional assistance, contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your division or the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/1.800.340.7081.

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