Campus Outlook Works in Cached Mode

Faculty and Staff

On-campus Outlook email operates in "cached" mode.

A copy of the user's Exchange account (inbox, sent items, calendar, etc.) is periodically downloaded to the user's computer to synchronize with the server account.

Benefits of Operating in Cached Mode

  • Work offline if the network loses connectivity. New messages are held in the Outbox. Once network connectivity is restored, the new emails are automatically sent. Remember that you won't receive new messages if working offline.
  • Desktop productivity tools, such as Windows Desktop Search, are faster and more useful because they search the mailbox copy stored on your local (office) computer.

If you have questions, contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/800.340.7081.

Frequently Asked

How can I tell if I'm working offline or connected to the mail server?

Your connection status is indicated in the bottom right corner of your Outlook window.

Working Offline

Offline Message

Working Online

Online Message
If Outlook indicates you're working offline (left graphic, above), but there are no network connectivity problems, left-click on the “Offline” arrow indicator and uncheck, “Work Offline.” Your Outlook client should then connect with the server automatically and will look like the graphic on the right, above.
Options dialog box

I am no longer prompted for a username and passphrase when I open Outlook.

When Outlook switched to “cached mode,” a local copy of your mailbox was created on your computer. Access to that copy is no different than accessing any other file housed on your computer; for example, if you double-click a Word document on your desktop, it opens without a password.

Won't people be able to access my email if I step away from my computer?

Lock or log off your workstation when you step away to prevent unauthorized access to all of your files (not just email).
You can set a screensaver password to automate this process. This password automatically requires a password to close the screensaver. Set this feature from the Display Properties dialog box.
Display properties dialog box

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