Exchange Online Protection Spam Filter

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection's spam filter screens and quarantines suspicious email messages before they reach your inbox. Filtered messages include marketing emails, spam and newsletters.

Periodically, you will receive a quarantine notification listing the captured messages.

There are four maintenance actions from which to choose:

Do nothing. Captured messages are deleted after 14 days.
Release a message back to the Inbox. Click the Release to Inbox link from the spam notification message. This is a one-time event, and subsequent emails from the same address will continue to be quarantined.
Report as Not Junk. Click the Report as Not Junk link in the spam notification message. Messages from this address go directly to your Inbox.
Unsubscribe to the newsletter. Most unsubscribe links are at the bottom of a marketing email. Release a quarantined message, open it and click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the message.

Report a Spam Message

Occasionally, a malicious email is not caught by the spam filter. To report the message:

  1. Create a new email.
  2. Address the email to SPAM REPORT (in the Outlook Address Book).
  3. Drag the offensive message into the new message's text area. It will show as an attachment.

Spam vs. Phishing. What's the Difference?

Spam email is usually for marketing purposes and does not ask for any action on your part. 

A phishing email will always request some action on your part to trick you into giving up your credentials. Phishing emails need to be reported quickly. Forward to or call the IT Help Desk. To learn more about phishing emails, visit the phishing page.