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Timely topics features the latest security projects with timely information on IT security issues that affect both your ECU and personal computing.

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IT Security Tips for ECU Users

Data Privacy Month | Privacy vs. Security – Differences Small and Significant

On: 28 Jan 2015 18:28
While related and often used interchangeably, the terms, privacy and security have different meanings and purposes, and the differences are an important distinction. The basic concept of privacy is an expectation of protected data and the right to decide who, … Continue reading

Protect Your Data | Protect Yourself

On: 15 Jan 2015 15:03
It’s always a good idea to: 1) Develop a strong ECU passphrase 2) NEVER share your passphrase 3) Copy important data files to your Piratedrive folder 4)  lock your devices when unattended.


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