iPad - Buccaneer Settings

Settings to connect to the secure Buccaneer wireless network

Please note that there is limited support for ECU-owned iPads from ITCS.

To see each image more clearly, just click on it and it will open a larger image.

Step 1:
Click on Settings Icon.

Step 2:
Click on Wifi tab in the top left (make sure its is turned on) and select buccaneer.  Enter your ECU Pirateid and passphrase.

iPad wifi settings

Step 3:
Next click Safari.  Open a web page.  In doing so you will asked to Accept Website Certificate.  Select Accept.

Accept certificate
Step 4: 
Type in once again your ECU Pirateid and passphrase  Remember to click Continue button.

Connect 2 ECU login page.

Step 5:
You should be redirected to your website.  You can test other websites will load by going to http://www.apple.com .

Go to another website to ensure you are connected to the internet.