iPad Security Best Practices

This guideline is provided to assist faculty and staff with the setup and security of university owned iPad devices. ITCS recommends that you review the ECU Mobile Security Guidelines by clicking the link below prior to using your iPad device to access ECU resources.

Mobile Security Guidelines

  Password Protection:
    The iPad has several security features which allow you to password protect your device while the device is on or not in use.   ECU recommends a minimum 5 minute Auto-Lock with a required passcode that meets ECU passphrase standards. Another protection setting is to set a minimum number of failed attempts so that the iPad will wipe all data off after so many incorrect password attempts. It is recommended that you use six attempts. Apple also offers the Find My iPad service in case your iPad becomes lost or stolen.

To adjust these settings: Tap on Settings > General. Change the Auto-Lock to 5 min and turn the Passcode Lock to On. While setting up the Passcode Lock, turn the Simple Passcode to off. Also set the Erase Data setting to On.

Apple also offers the Find My iPad service in case your iPad becomes lost or stolen.

  Wifi Security:
    It is recommended that you use a secure wifi connection like buccaneer when connecting to ECU resources. When not using bluetooth connected devices, please turn bluetooth off.

To adjust these settings: Tap on Settings > General > Wi-Fi. Choose the buccaneer network. When it asks to join, enter your pirated and passphrase. Directions are in the secure link above.


  Storing Data:
It is recommended that you only view University data on your iPad and not store it.  It is also highly recommended not to use Apple's iCloud service for storing information. Please use one of the East Carolina University's secure servers.


  Device sharing:
iPads are considered a single user device.  They should not be shared with other faculty or staff members.  If you are giving an iPad to another faculty or staff member you should wipe the device before handing it off to another member.

To wipe an iPad: Tap on Settings > General > Reset. Select Erase All Content and Settings. This will set it back to the original store settings and the next person will have to set it up from the beginning.


    ITCS will support iPads with their connectivity to the ECU network and with setup, navigation, and security of the device. ITCS recommends only installing work-related apps and does not support or supply apps.