Wireless Telephone Guidelines and Procedures

History: February 15, 2012
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1. Introduction

1.1. General Statement

All wireless telephones, regardless of source of funding, provided by the university for business use by East Carolina University employees are considered the property of East Carolina University. These wireless services are provided on an as-needed basis for handling official university business. Given the relative higher costs related to wireless telephone calls vs. conventional phones, wireless phones should not be used when more economical means of communicating are reasonably available. Wireless telephones are provided for the exclusive use of the employee(s) to which they are assigned and will not be released for use by others without proper authority.

1.2. Prohibited Usage

The use of university wireless telephones for personal calls (not directly associated with official university business) is expressly prohibited except in emergency circumstances (as determined by the department) or other unpreventable instances (e.g., incoming calls for which charges are also assessed). Employees must notify their supervisor of any such emergency call made on the university's wireless phone and must reimburse the university for the related cost. A written record of such personal calls should be maintained.

1.3. New Service

New wireless service will be requested by utilizing a Wireless Service Request form. The department head who has authority over the account from which funds will be drawn to pay for this service must approve this request. Requests for new service on both campuses will be forwarded directly to ITCS. Service can be expected within two (2) weeks from the date the request is received.

1.4. Control

The custodian of record for all wireless devices on the east campus shall be the department head(s) who has authority over the account(s) from which funds are drawn to pay for that service. The custodian for wireless devices in the Division of Health Sciences is the Division of Health Sciences Budget and Accounting Office. The custodian of record may "sub-custody" these wireless devices to employees within his department through the use of Form P-88 (Property Assignment Form). Employees (end users) who are assigned wireless devices are directly responsible for the appropriate use and safeguarding of the instrument.

1.5. Termination of Service

Service no longer required shall be terminated, recognizing that there may still be a period of time left under the original contract that must be paid. The billing department contact person shall request termination of service and recover the wireless device when the employee(s), (end user) terminates employment, transfers or under any other circumstance that results in loss of control by the billing department contact person. Termination of service will be requested by the billing department contact person utilizing a Wireless Service Request form, following the procedures outlined in "New Service". Once service has been terminated and the wireless device recovered, the wireless device will remain the property of the owning department and held in an inactive status until reactivation is required, or they may choose to turn in the wireless device to Infrastructure Services for the redistribution on campus for other users.

1.6. Billing

Billing for service from the local provider will occur monthly. All individual instruments assigned to various accounts will be itemized on one monthly bill and sent to the the Infrastructure Services Department for internal distribution. Accounts assigned to the departments will be separated and forwarded for internal distribution by the Infrastructure Services Department. The Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for the internal distribution of this bill. An electronic copy of the itemized bill will be provided to each department billing contact person(s) reflecting all charges levied against the account code(s) under his/her cognizance. This copy shall be reviewed and an electronic reply by both the end user and the billing contact person(s), certifying and approving that "all calls were made for official university business". The approved and certified copy of the bill shall be kept on file in the department for not less than 24 months. Reimbursement y campus departments should be given to the department of which the usage was made from via account transfer of funds reflecting actual charges.

1.7. Suspect Calls

Department heads identifying calls that are questionable in nature, such as extremely long calls or calls believed to be of a personal nature, should review these calls with the responsible user. The department head, after consultation with the Unit or Division head, should refer these suspect calls to the university internal auditors. Results of this investigation will be returned to the department head for appropriate action. Appropriate action might include disciplinary action under SPA guidelines or faculty procedures, or referral to University Counsel (for fraud) if further investigation is required.

1.8. Directly Contracted Wireless Service

As with a personal home telephone, the employee assumes personal responsibility for payment to the telephone company of all charges related to service for which he/she contracted directly. No reimbursement shall be made for the cost of the instrument or wireless services as the instrument for directly contracted service shall remain the property of the user.