Saba Meeting Features

Saba Meeting is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For hearing impaired students, Saba Meeting enables instructors to assign a captionist. Closed captions then scroll across the bottom of the screen both during the event as well as in the playback. For visually impaired students, Saba Meeting provides keyboard shortcuts for all in-session functions and is compatible with screen readers such as JAWS and Narrator. There are ten different auditory alerts which can be set up to notify students of session occurrences.

Agenda Builder

Agenda Builder is a sophisticated agenda creation tool for building Web-based evaluation forms and assembling event content into a structured, customized format.

Application Sharing

Leaders and participants can share any application, including their entire desktop or even a remote server, with other participants. The person viewing can "look over the presenter's shoulder" and even take control of his/her application or provide interactive assistance.


Fully integrated, multi-way, full duplex voice-over-IP audio conferencing offers dramatic cost savings over traditional telephone conference calls, and allows instructors (the session leader) to identify and manage classroom interaction.

Breakout Rooms and Labs

Session leaders can break the main session into multiple breakout rooms for group or individual lab exercises.

Classroom Management

The session leader can control which participants have the ability to speak and interact with the collaboration tools.

Download pdf

Once an event has come to an end, participants have the ability to download a pdf document containing all of the information covered during the event. The pdf contains uploaded PowerPoint slides, whiteboard images, survey questions, Appshare screenshots and more.

Evaluations and Quizzes

A wide choice of questions can be optionally auto-graded and reported from the database later.

Event Scheduling and Enrollment

Saba Meeting enables faculty, staff and students to create their own meetings through a robust Web-based scheduling interface.


Participants can raise their hands, indicate yes/no polling, demonstrate laughter and applause responses, utilize public/private text chat and provide anonymous feedback to the leader and presenters.

Full Screen Content Viewing

Leaders can automatically expand the participants' content windows for viewing large shared applications or Web pages.

Firewall Transparency

The unique Adaptive Connection feature automatically configures Saba Meeting to work through corporate firewalls using the best connection possible.

Insert URL

Saba Meeting provides leaders and presenters with the ability to push participants to a website. This can be used to share a YouTube video during a Saba Meeting event or send students to a course site which they then have the ability to bookmark.

Mobile Device Support

Saba Meeting users can join an event using an Android or Apple mobile device. Leaders can set up meetings but only have limited leadership capabilities. Participants can hear and speak, utilize the emoticon buttons, participate in text chat and view the content area.


Load and display image files. Supported formats include: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff & .tif. Play pre-recorded video clips using .avi, .au, .mov, .mp4, .mp2, .mpg, .qt, .rm, .wmv, .rpm, .ram, .asf, .asx & .swf. Supported audio formats include .wav & .mp3.

Multiple Presenters

Saba Meeting supports an unlimited number of co-presenters and subject matter experts.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

The leader can choose to open the "floor" to several participants at a time for peer-to-peer interaction and discussion.

PowerPoint Presentations

Presenters can load their PowerPoint presentations into their Saba Meeting events and display them for the attendees to view. Saba Meeting also provides a robust set of annotation tools enabling presenters to mark up their slides in real-time.

Self-Paced Content Viewing

Events (class meetings) can be configured to allow enrolled participants access to event content before and after the live session.

Session Recording and Playback

With easy-to-use features for recording and storage, users create professional, self-paced recordings. These recordings can be viewed outside the Saba Meeting environment by using the Guest Playback URLs.


Leaders and presenters can create and "hand out" ad hoc surveys.

System Check

A Web-based, self-service system check makes sure each user's system, including audio settings, is properly configured before the live event begins.

Tracking and Reporting

All assessment, user, event and attendance data are tracked and reported. Additional custom reports can easily be generated.


Real-time, multi-point video conferencing enables users to see the session leader or other designated participants from within the virtual classroom. A unique adaptive video bandwidth feature ensures the highest possible performance.


Multi-user, interactive whiteboard provides presenters with many more markup capabilities than those available writing on a traditional whiteboard in a classroom. Content added to a whiteboard can be saved for later review.