Classroom Technology Training

Master Classroom Equipment

Plan to teach or present in a technology-enhanced classroom but feel you need help using the technology first? The resources below can provide the guidance you need to get started.

Utilizing Classroom Technology Workshop

Face-to-face workshop - register at

Classroom technologies include not only the physical equipment such as touch panels, digital overheads and videoconferencing codecs, but also technologies such as lecture capture, clickers and more. With the increasing number of tools available in the classroom, figuring out how to best utilize these tools can be a challenge. This workshop introduces the technology as well as assists in developing a plan for utilizing classroom tools. Come see what Classroom Technology has to offer.

One-on-One Consultations

To make the most of the equipment available in a technology-enhanced classroom, contact Classroom Technology Support to request a consultation with an ITCS tech. You can also contact your division's Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) for classroom tours specific to your building’s enhanced classrooms. If you're interested in teaching in a building other than where your department is housed, discuss this with your ITC as well.

Educational Resources

Faculty who are teaching in technology-enhanced classrooms at ECU may wish to learn how other universities and organizations utilize these tools to engage students and enrich the learning process.