Identity Theft Protection Committee (ITPC)

Dan Blumberg
Director, HR Information Systems
Human Resources
Kenneth DeVille Chief Institutional Integrity Officer Brody SOM Compliance 
Amanda Fleming
Associate Director University Registrar
Mike Hanley
Assistant Director
Medical Services, Athletics
Robin Mayo PCI Compliance Officer Financial Services 
Jack McCoy Chief Information Security Officer ITCS
Kay Murphy
University Advancement
Wayne Poole Associate Director Internal Audit
Charlotte Price
IT Manager
Clinical Financial Services
Hiromi Sanders Assistant Research and Compliance Officer Research and Graduate Studies
Brad Simons
Director, Student Affairs Tech Services
Student Affairs
Mary Thompson Director
Brody SOM Group Practice
Michael Wharton
IT Security Specialist, Information Security
Tim Wiseman Assistant Vice Chancellor Enterprise Risk Management
Paul Zigas Associate University Attorney
University Attorney

Committee Responsibilities

  • To establish polices, regulations, standards and procedures to enable the university to comply with the requirements of the NC Identity Theft Protection Act
  • To review current campus collection and uses of social security numbers and personal identifying information
  • To approve or disapprove such collection and use (or future proposed collection and use)
  • To review security measures associated with hard copy forms and electronic files that contain social security numbers and personal identifying information
  • To document the university’s processes for these issues
  • To recommend any institutional changes required to continue compliance or best practices