Information Computing and Technology Services
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TypeBuilding NameRoomNamePeripheralsSeats Open
GeneralAustin104Austin Lab 48 of 53
DepartmentalAustin110Mathematics Tutoring CenterClosed
DepartmentalAustin204Mathematics Lab Closed
DepartmentalAustin208 & 209Computer Science LabClosed
GeneralAycock Residence HallBasementCollege Hill Computer Lab 20 of 30
DepartmentalBate2001AForeign Languages Lab ExtensionClosed
DepartmentalBate2003Foreign Languages LabClosed
DepartmentalBate2005Writing Center Lab3 of 3
DepartmentalBate2007Writing Center Lab23 of 27
DepartmentalBate2009Foreign Languages Lab 20 of 24
DepartmentalBate2012BITE Lab24 of 24
DepartmentalBate2013BITE Lab24 of 25
DepartmentalBate2016English Comp LabClosed
DepartmentalBate2017English Comp LabClosed
DepartmentalBate2018English LabClosed
DepartmentalBate2022BITE LabClosed
DepartmentalBate2023BITE Honors Lab33 of 33
DepartmentalBate3001Business Lab Closed
DepartmentalBate3004Business Lab Closed
DepartmentalBate3005Business Lab Closed
DepartmentalBate3014Business Graduate Lab Closed
DepartmentalBelk Building1415Recreation & Leisure Studies Project Center Closed
DepartmentalBelk Building2409Recreation & Leisure Studies LabClosed
DepartmentalBelk Building2502Biofeedback LabClosed
DepartmentalBelk Building2601Health Education & Promotion Lab Closed
GeneralBelk Building3102HHP Study Lab 39 of 40
DepartmentalBrewsterA325Philosophy Testing CenterClosed
DepartmentalBrewsterC201Geography Spatial Analysis Lab22 of 26
DepartmentalBrewsterC203Geography Atmospheric Science Lab10 of 10
DepartmentalBrewsterD201History LabClosed
DepartmentalBrewsterD209Geography Planning Lab15 of 16
DepartmentalBrewsterD212Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center13 of 13
GeneralBrewsterD213/D214Y.H. Kim Computing Lab 60 of 63
DepartmentalBrewsterD302Sociology LabClosed
DepartmentalBrewsterD302ASociology Graduate LabClosed
DepartmentalBrody Medical Sciences Building2L-37Medical Student Technology Center 16 of 17
DepartmentalChristenbury Memorial Gymnasium105Army ROTCClosed
DepartmentalChristenbury Memorial Gymnasium110Health Education & Promotion Lab IIClosed
DepartmentalEller House105Maritime Student Computer Lab9 of 9
DepartmentalFlanagan214Anthropology Lab4 of 5

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