Configure Voice Mail

Set your PIN number, record a greeting, configure a rule for voice messages and more.

Manage Options Online

Outlook 2013
  1. Click File >> Info
  2. Choose Manage Voice Mail
  3. The Outlook Web App interface opens
  4. Log in to open the Mail >> Options >> Phone page
  5. When done, click the Save button
  1. Log in and choose Options >> See all Options... (upper right)
  2. The Outlook Web App Mail >> Options interface opens
  3. Choose Phone
  4. When done, click the Save button
  1. Dial the access number, 252.328.9870, or
  2. Press messages button on campus telephone
  3. Enter your PIN number
  4. Say a feature like "Personal Options"
  5. Change the passphrase as follows:
    • Six or more digits, not sequential, not extension


Call Answering Rules
Customize the way the system answers calls when you’re not available. For example, route callers to an alternate number during working hours or record a special greeting for a rule.
Reset voice mail PIN
Required to access voicemail messages from an office or mobile telephone. Click the link, Reset my voice mail PIN… and click OK on the pop-up. A temporary PIN (password) is emailed to you.
You are required to change the PIN on first use.
Outlook Voice Access
Configure the order voice messages are read and choose the email message folder to read from Outlook Voice Access.
Voice Mail Preview
Turn text previews on or off.
Choose to play a default greeting (you can record this or use the system greeting) or a special “away” greeting.
Click the Call me to play or record the selected greeting… link, and the system will call your phone to create a new greeting step by step.
Play on Phone
You should see your office number in the text box. This is the number that is called if you press messages button on your telephone
Configure email notifications for your account.

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