Campus Long Distance Services

Directory Assistance Calls

  • Main campus operator: 252.328.6131
  • Health Sciences Contact Center: 252.744.1020

Long Distance Dialing

  • Dial 1 + area code + telephone number
  • A rapid busy signal indicates all long distance trunks are in use. Please try your call again later
  • If a long distance number rings for more than 30 seconds, your department is billed for the call

Order Long Distance/International Service

Long distance and international calling services are requested through an IT Help Desk online service request or call 328.9866. Services are billed to departments monthly; an account number is required at the time service is ordered.

Extended Area Calls

Long distance called made within 40 miles of ECU are free of charge. Always dial a long-distance number without area code first to see if the number falls within the Extended Calling Area. If you receive an error message, then the call is not within the extended area calling area.

Personal Calls

Office telephones are for official university business only. Incoming collect calls or outgoing long distance personal calls are strictly prohibited.