Configuration and Features - Cisco VoIP Telephones

Use Day-to-Day Features

Use Phone Buttons

  • Adjust phone volume
  • Check messages using your PIN*
  • Check missed, received calls
  • Change ring type/display contrast
  • Download user manual
Manage Voice Mail Options

Manage Phone Features

  • Set the phone PIN*
  • Configure speed dial numbers
  • Forward your phone when off campus
  • Enter personal phone contacts
  • See these PDF instructions

*There are two different PINS for your voice services:

  1. Phone Services PIN. Configured through the Cisco Self-Care portal to set up speed dial numbers, check personal directory numbers from your phone and more.
  2. Voice Services PIN. Used to access voice mail, email and calendar from a phone when off campus.


Cisco VoIP Features

These features are available in the Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system used on ECU's campus.

Call Back
When receiving no answer, press the CallBack key. When the number becomes available, a chime sounds. Press the Redial key.
Call Forwarding
Press the Call Forward All ( CFwdALL ) key below the LCD screen. Enter the forwarding number.  Press the Call Forward All (CFwdALL) key again to end call forwarding.
Directories Button
The Directories button lists missed, received and placed calls. Press Select to see the list, Clear to delete the list or Exit to return to the home screen. Corporate Directory allows you to search for another ECU faculty or staff. Add personal numbers through the Cisco Self-Care portal.
Messages Button
Press the Messages button to check voice mail, email and calendar from the phone. Phone services PIN required. Dial 252.328.9870 to check from any phone off campus. Missed calls and voice mail messages are also accessed through email.
Press the Redial key to call the last number dialed.
Settings Button
Change the screen contrast, ring type and more from this menu. Use the arrow buttons to scroll up and down the menu. Select opens the options.
VoIP Troubleshooting and Tips
  • Dial all 7 digits of a telephone number; even when calling an ECU number
  • You do not need to dial 9 to reach an outside line; just dial as you would at home
  • If your phone is stuck in the configuring state or won't register, try unplugging the network cable and plugging it back in to reboot phone.