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2010 Teaching with Technology Showcase

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2010 ThinkIn

November 9, 2011
Mendenhall Great Rooms

2009 Think-In Presenters

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Maureen Ellis
Peer-to-Peer Evaluation with Skype

Slobodanka Dimova
Skype or Centra: How Should I Choose?

Sharon Schleigh
Centra: Removing Disparity between the Physical & Virtual Learning Environments

Ken MacLeod, Rich Gooner, and Ravi Paul
Online Case-based Teaching: Alternative Approaches

Tami Tomasello
Camtasia Best Practices for the Online Course

Abbie Brown, Kenneth Luterbach, and William Sugar
Screencasting: How and Why

John F. Kros
Multimedia Video Lectures: Supply Chain Management and the Ports

Joshua Noles and Lee Toderick
Employing Open Source Software to Enhance Student Labs

William C. Wood
Deployment of a Medical Student Cardiovascular Disease Educational Program Utilizing Blackboard

Larry Nash White
Diverse Synergy: Aligning Student Learning Needs to Technology Options in MLS Online Education

Melissa Engleman, Karen Voytecki, Melissa Engleman, Tara Jeffs , and Alana Zambone
How Do Learning Styles and Personality Types Affect Student Preferences in Online Courses

David Batts, Sandy Friend, and Carolyn Dunn
How Educational Institutions Can Handle More Students with Fewer Faculty Members: A Pilot Program

Deborah Ferrell
Agent-based Virtual Reality (AVR)

Dr. Thomas Herron, Laurie Godwin, Sarah Hegler, and Joyce Joines Newman
Creating A Research Website: The Sacred Center: Spenser Raleigh and the Munster Plantation

Donna Kain
Creating Context for Online Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Beverly Wright

Jean Merenda and Robert Fainter
To Blog or Not to Blog

Dorothy Muller, Kevin Gross, and Joyce Newman
OFE - Supporting Faculty Teaching with Technology

Belinda Perkinson, Wendy Creasey, Stephen Corey, and Jo Lynne Daughtry
Information Technology and Computing Services (ITCS)

Angela Whitehurst and Christine Andresen
LibGuides: Bringing the Library to You

Carolyn Willis, Amy Gustavson, and David Hisle
New at Joyner Library in 2009

Amy Blevins and Megan Besaw
The Placement of Quizzes in Instructional Videos

Carolyn Thompson, Jennifer Baysden, and John Connelly
Division of Continuing Studies

Laurie Godwin, Matt Powell, and James Cook
Academic Outreach

Jami Leibowitz
Learning through Building in Second Life: ECHS ANTH 1000 Archaeology Projects

Charles Lesko and John Pickard
Answering the Challenge of Increasing Content - The Integrating of Virtual Worlds with Semantic Web

Eric Kisling and Elizabeth Hodge
Learning Spaces in a Second Life

Yanhao Zhu, Karl Faser, and Bobby Lowery
Using Virtual Reality to Teach Advanced Practice Nursing

Peng Li, Lee Toderick, David Creech, and Anthony Miller
Second Year Experiences Using the ECU Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)

Jamie Williams and Jennifer Cremeens
Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom

Carl Twarog
Video as an Interacting Surface

Xiaoming Zeng
Let Students be the Fan of Your Course: Using Facebook Fan Page in a Face-to-Face Class

Bob Green and Allison Hope
Using Twitter In and Out of the Classroom

Yajiong Xue and Brenda Killingsworth
Thinking about Online Education from a Global Perspective

David C. Vinciguerra and Jennifer Vinciguerra
Flip Video Blogs as a Community-Builder in Distance Education Program

Mustafa I. Selim and Edward Crotts
Developing Virtual Laboratory Exercises for Teaching Chemical Safety & Environmental Analysis

KuanHung Chen, Lauren Chadwick, and Stephen Atkinson
Combining Flash Video and Machinema into an Online Game for Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing

Doug Barnum and Robert J. Campbell
How Health Information Data Moves Through a Health Care Information Network