What is CommonSpot?

CommonSpot is the content management system for ECU's official website. Only departments and official university entities can request a CommonSpot subsite.*

CommonSpot websites, like other sites hosted on the domain, are required to adhere to ECU's website standards and follow the regulations and guidelines on the web compliance page.

User Access

New users attend the face-to-face beginner training class to obtain editing access.

Faculty and staff can directly register for training through the Cornerstone system. Students do not have access to this system; therefore, supervisors should reserve a seat for any students.


The CommonSpot website has step-by-step tutorials for all CommonSpot elements.

For further questions or problems, call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 or submit a service request for a "one-on-one consult for CommonSpot." Someone from the Web team will give you a call to set up an appointment.

Google Mini Search Appliance

CommonSpot contributors should add important terms to the Google Mini search appliance. Visit the Google Mini page to learn how.

Responsive Design Templates

Review Videos of Beginning Training

Recommended Guidelines

The following are recommended guidelines for departments.

  • Page width is 960 pixels.
  • To download ECU photos (960 pixels), visit the Image Gallery.
  • Use of university colors and photos is encouraged.
  • Each page footer contains a Last Updated date that is automatically refreshed each time the page is edited.
  • Keep contact information updated through the subsite tools for your site.
  • Remove out-of-date content.
  • Do not place sensitive information on Web servers. This includes SSN, credit card info, FERPA, etc. Even if the information is not linked in a Web folder, it could be accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Require input validation on all forms.
  • Secure content via password protection or encryption as necessary.
  • Images cannot be scaled within CommonSpot. Use an image editor to size all images to the exact specifications before uploading to the page. Photo resolution should be 72dpi.

*Faculty, staff and students should create research, teaching, course or professional websites in the My Web system.

*Faculty, staff and students should create research, teaching, course or professional websites in the My Web system.