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Manage your Academic Website

Need an academic website? You're in the right place. Log in to to request a site from this self-service page. Possibilities include:

  • Student space
  • Basic Academic space (faculty/staff)
  • Secure space - encrypted (faculty/staff)

Note that a user can log in to an existing blog using the MyWeb interface. However, submit an IT service ticket ( to request a new WordPress blog.

Once your site is created—usually within minutes of your request—manage files and upload changes from this simple interface. Viewing options and other site features are also configured through this interface.

Sign in to using your PirateID and passphrase to check it out!

PLEASE NOTE: Retirees are allowed to continue any scholarly pre-retirement Web space by submitting an IT service request within six months of retiring. Otherwise, Web folders and files are removed from the server by the usual schedule. See the retiree policy page for more details.

Microsoft Expression Web

Free download available to faculty and staff

Microsoft Expression Web is a full-featured web authoring program available to ECU faculty and staff for installation on their campus computer through our campus agreement with Microsoft. To download this software, visit


  • Site quotas become 100MB. Users whose folders exceed 100MB will be unable to make changes–including updates to current pages or uploading new content–until the folder size is under 100MB.
Check the size of your folder:
  1. From Site Applications, click Disk Space Usage to display your folder size.

     Disk Space

  2. Organize your Web folder to include Web information ONLY. It's best to move any files not related to your website.
  3. Website still over the limit? Submit an IT Help request for additional space. We are happy to allow more space to those whose Web presence requires more MB.
  4. Need network storage for non-Web files? See these ECU solutions:
Free download for students from Microsoft DreamSpark

Students can download software and tutorials for Expression Web from DreamSpark.

Expression Web Tutorial

A simple tutorial is available to help you get started with this product.

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