Winmedia Streaming Server

Winmedia hosts audio and video files for departments, faculty, staff and official ECU groups

1. Request the folder

Visit and complete the Winmedia/Podcasting Space Request form from the Account Access category.

Complete and submit the Winmedia form

2. Upload Multimedia Files

Method 1. File Transfer Protocol (on or off campus)

Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software to upload videos/podcasts. Programs include FileZilla, Fetch and others.


Method 2. Mapped Network Drive (on campus only)

Rather than FTP, faculty and staff can also access their winmedia folder from a mapped drive on their campus computer (INTRA domain). Files can then be dragged from one folder to another.

Use the following address: \\winmedia\winmedia\FolderName\

3. Link the Files

Once your multimedia files are uploaded to Winmedia, link to them using this URL: