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Technology Services at ECU

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Pirate ID
Newly-hired faculty and staff receive a username, or PirateID, that allows access to secure sites such as email, Blackboard, Banner, Pirate Port and more. PirateID accounts are activated, security questions are set and the passphrase created through the Pirate ID (PID) auto-registration system. To learn more about PirateID activation, see this step-by-step tutorial.
Each user is required to change his/her passphrase every 90 days.
Passphrase Maintenance
If a user's passphrase locks and must be reset, a user can stop by the Walk-in IT Help Desk—have a picture ID handy—or use the passphrase maintenance system (PID) for a self-service reset.
Passphrases are locked if they are not changed by the 90-day deadline. The PID system is also useful in retrieving a forgotten passphrase.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike active employees, prospective employees have accepted a position but are not yet active in the Banner system. Prospective employees are assigned a PirateID that expires after 45 days. To extend a prospective employee's PirateID account past the initial 45-day window, departments should call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081.
The ECU ID number is an employee's numerical identifier in ECU administrative systems. This number begins with a "B." If forgotten, an employee's ECU ID is available through the OneStop system.

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Announce Listserv
Subscribe to receive or send ECU-related announcements, news, deadlines, campus events, etc. For faculty and staff only.
Email Information
Information about email accounts including how to set up Outlook at home.
Instant Messaging and Online Meetings
Microsoft Lync is the campus IM program and also features online meeting options on campus, off campus and even with non-ECU collaborators!
Visit the telecommunications website for instructions on using your office telephone, voicemail, conference calling and more.
We invite you to read through the documentation and see how you can utilize this resource.

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On-Campus Wireless Access
ECU has three wireless networks. Buccaneer is the secure network automatically configured for ECU-owned faculty and staff mobile laptops and Mac devices. The Pirates network is used for mobile devices and student laptops. Campus Living supports residence halls.
Off-Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access
When away from campus, faculty, staff and students connect to on-campus resources, such as Piratedrive, through a Virtual Private Connection. After the easy, initial setup, log in using this secure connection from anywhere with just a click!
Mobile Computing
Check the mobile computing site for instructions on configuring ActiveSync, iPad information and more.


Policies Home
Find information on ECU policies such as passphrase expiration, network use, media release consent form and guidelines and more.
Copyright Policy
The copyright policies for ECU.
Academic Computer Use Policy
See this regulation on limitations and permissible uses of the computing resources at ECU.
Social Media Guidelines
While all ECU employees are welcome to participate in social media—Facebook, Twitter, Yammer—ITCS encourages everyone who participates in and contributes to online commentary to understand and follow ECU's social media guidelines and the university's social media regulation.

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Banner Resources
Visit the Banner portal for Banner training and more.
ECU's educational content management system.
Classroom Technology
ECU has over 400 smart classrooms spanning both campuses. Check out the database to find exactly the equipment configuration you need.
Learning Platforms
Teaching tools for collaboration, projects, test security, lecture capture and more
Microsoft Products
Links to online training, downloads and other resources.
OneStop and Pirate Port
All-in-one resource portal for the Pirate Nation. OneStop is evolving into Pirate Port, an interactive, customizable portal. Add pages, widgets, apps and even customize your My Links feature. OneStop features are being transitioned to Pirate Port over the next year. Until then, these two services will run in tandem.
Electronic grading available in the Walk-in IT Help Desk. Find hours and locations.
Each faculty, staff and student at ECU has 40 GB of server file storage space.
Qualtrics Surveys
Survey tool for ECU faculty, staff and students.
Saba Meeting
A Web conferencing learning program.
Sedona Academic Publications Database
The academic publication database for faculty houses a list of your publications, generates your annual report, your CV and PAD.
Microsoft Windows SharePoint provides a virtual space for your team or department to communicate, share documents and work together on projects. Submit an IT Help Desk service ticket to request a site.
See the list of ECU-supported software. Most applications have ITCS consultants and teams assigned to provide support. Visit the statistical software page to learn more about the packages we offer to faculty, staff and students.
Technology Training
Register through Cornerstone, ECU's training portal. Visit the tech training website to see the catalog.
Virtual Computing Lab
Users connect from home to access various software programs such as DreamWeaver, Camtasia, Adobe Products and more.
Web Publishing
Need a website for instruction? Need a departmental website? Pick the appropriate Web service from the Web Publishing home page.

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