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What type of computer do I need?

Visit the Pirate Techs Student Computer Support Center to check any computer requirements specific to your degree program. Purchasing a computer is optional; ECU provides a number of computer labs on campus for coursework.

Does ECU offer competitive pricing for its computers?

The Pirate Techs Student Computer Support Center and ECU Dowdy Student Stores collaborate to offer Dell, Lenovo and Apple computers at educational prices. If you purchase a computer through the Pirate Techs/Dowdy Initiative program, you receive on-campus warranty support through Pirate Techs.

What if I don’t have a computer?

If you don’t have a computer, don't stress! ECU has nearly 100 computer labs across campus and in residence halls. Visit the Student Computer Labs map to locate a lab or check seat availability. Need a particular printer or software? Visit the lab search page.

Can I connect my game system to the ECU network from my residence hall?

No. Gaming systems, wireless routers and file sharing are not allowed. Also, please note that file sharing is turned off on the Living Campus network.

How do I set up Internet access on my laptop (or desktop) from my residence hall room?

To connect your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop system to the ECU network, first make sure that Symantec Endpoint and Cisco Clean Access software are installed on your system. These are free downloads from the ECU Download Center.  Next, check that all software updates for your system have been installed.
Visit Connect for complete instructions.

How do I check email?

Check your student email through To learn more about your ECU student email, visit the Outlook 365 website.

How do I access email on my mobile device?

There are two ways: 1) Navigate to through a browser; 2) Set up the account through the phone settings: This option requires a device PIN or passcode.

What should I do if I think my computer has a virus?

First, shut down your computer and then...

I need a specific kind of software for my class. Is it available through ECU?

First, visit the ITCS software guide to see if the software is offered through the ECU Download Center. If not, you can check with the Dowdy Student Stores for purchasing options; many titles come with an educational discount. Students can also visit the Austin 104 computer lab or your professor may recommend a specific department lab which has the software installed. Many required software programs are also available through the Virtual Computing Lab which allows you to log in to a remote computer and use the software to complete a class assignment. This service is free to enrolled students. Students are eligible to a fully-licensed, FREE (keep forever) download of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 through the Microsoft4Students program. Microsoft Office is available with each student's Office 365 Pro Plus subscription.

My professor is using Blackboard. What does this mean?

Your professor has posted some or all of your course material online at Log in with your PirateID and passphrase. Blackboard offers many great features like a discussion board and digital dropbox to which you upload class assignments. Learn about the features of Blackboard through the Bb blog.

I need to learn how to use Microsoft Excel. Is there training for different kinds of software?

All students can log in to ECU's subscription for free online trainingvideos for Microsoft products and more. Training is also available through Microsoft e-learning (request through the ECU Download Center).

Where can I store files so that I always have access to them?

Store electronic files in your Piratedrive, a storage folder set up on the university network. Piratedrive folders are accessed through Pirate Port (on or off campus) or “My Computer” from a Windows computer logged in on campus (INTRA domain) (look for your "U" drive) and a Virtual Private Network connection from off campus. Students have 40 gigabytes of space. Your folder name is the same as your PirateID.

Your Office 365 ProPlus account also includes a OneDrive 1TB cloud folder. App mobile access to this folder available from the app store for your device.

Where can I check my grades?

To check your grades online, log in to Pirate Port with your PirateID and passphrase at In the Banner section, click Banner Self Service, then Student.

I have to design a website for a class project. Do I get web space at ECU?

Yes. Go to, log in with your ECU PirateID and passphrase, and click the Create Web Space link to get started. You can manage your own permissions, transfer files to and from your website right through the browser…even create a blog!

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