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The following collections represent only a portion of the 1.8 million items in Joyner Library Microforms Collection. This material can be found in the basement of Joyner Library. For additional information, please contact the Government Documents & Microforms Department at 328-0238, or by e-mailing

The Claude A. Barnett Papers: The Associated Negro Press, 1918-1967

  • Part Two: Associate Negro Press Organizational Files, 1920-1966 (24 reels)

This microfilm set contains records of the Chicago headquarters office of the Associated Negro Press, including carbon copies of outgoing letters written by Claude A. Barnett or other ANP staff members; incoming letters from ANP reporters and other business associates; memos, notes, and lists; clippings form newspapers and from ANP news releases; and a few pamphlets and magazines. Materials from the 1920s are sparse, but later files are more nearly complete.

Mary McLeod Bethune Papers: The Bethune-Cookman College Collection, 1922-1955 (13 reels)

This collection contains the administrative records of Mary McLeod Bethune as president of Bethune-Cookman College. Although Bethune founded the college as an elementary school 1904 and served as the resident head until the late 1930s, the earliest records in the collection date from 1923. The Bethune-Cookman College collection is divided into four archival series: General Correspondence, Special Correspondence, Subject Files, and Financial Records.

Mary McLeod Bethune Papers: The Bethune Foundation Collection (19 reels)

  • Part 1: Writing, Diaries, Scrapbooks, Biographical Materials, and files on the National Youth Administration and Women’s Organization, 1918-1955

This is a separate body of records from those of the Bethune Foundation. As far as it has been possible to determine there is little, if any, overlap. The Bethune-Cookman College Archives retained possession of portion of Mary McLeod Bethune’s presidential administration records. Part 4 of this edition will complement and greatly enhance the Bethune-Cookman College edition.

  • Part 2: Correspondence Files, 1914-1955 (17 reels)

This collection comprises voluminous correspondence files accumulated by Bethune, particularly during her later career. The files are divided into three series: Alphabetical Correspondence, Chronological Correspondence, and Family Correspondence.

The Black Power Movement

  • Part 1: Amiri Baraka from Black Arts to Black Radicalism (9 reels)

This collection of Amiri Baraka materials was made available to the UPA by Dr. Komozi Woodard. Dr. Woodard served in numerous roles as a Baraka comrade, including as head of economic development for the Temple of Kawaida in Newark, New Jersey, as editor of Unity and Struggle, . The collection covers Baraka’s career from his involvement in the Black arts movement in the mid-60s through Baraka’s nationalist and Marxist periods. The collection consists of rare works articles, poems, plays, or speeches by Baraka, a small amount of personal correspondence, and oral histories. The documents range from 1960 to 1988, and are arranged into sixteen series.

  • Part II: Papers of Robert F. Williams (26 reels)

Black Workers in the ERA of the Great Migration, 1916-1929 (25 reels)

This collection of documents from federal agencies focuses on the first decade of the long-term transformation of black America.

Centers of The Southern Struggle: FBI Files on Montgomery, Albany, St. Augustine, Selma, and Memphis (21 reels)

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969

  • Part I: The White House Central Files (15 reels)
  • Part II: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Administrative History (3 reels)
  • Part III: Oral Histories (3 reels)
  • Part IV: Records of the White House Conference on Civil Rights 1965-1966 (20 reels)
  • Part V: Records of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission) (28 reels)

Civil Rights During the Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963

  • Part I: The White House Central Files and Staff Files and the President’s Office Files (19 reels)

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Papers

  • Part I: Western Regional Office 1962-1965 (5 reels)
  • Part II: Southern Regional Office 1959-1966 ( 15 reels)
  • Part III: SEDFRE, Series A, Administrative Files, 1960-1976 (13 reels)
  • Part III: Scholarship, Educational and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, 1960-1976. Series B: Leadership Development Files (10 reels)
  • Part III: Scholarship, Educational and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, 1960-1976. Series C: Legal Department Files (37 reels)

Papers of John and Lugenia Burns Hoppe (21 reels)

The John Hope and Lugenia Burns Hoppe Papers microfilm publications contains the official and personal correspondence of the couple, their official, personal, and financial, records; their articles, essays, and speeches (manuscript and printed), and several categories of miscellaneous materials. The publication comprises about 20,000 documents on 21 rolls.

The Ivy Leaf 1921-1998: A Chronicle of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (14 reels)

The Ivy Leaf microfilm collection, spanning the years 1921-1998, vividly chronicles Alpha Kappa Alpha’s rich and complex organizational history while simultaneously offering both experienced scholars and student researchers information on multiple subjects during the period between the Harlem Renaissance and the end of the twentieth century. The magazine accounts form an almost eighty-year construction of black women’s history, exploring African American social and political history, the Harlem Renaissance, women’s studies, African women, black feminism, the working-class consciousness of African American women, and the black women’s club movement.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. FBI File

  • Part I: FBI File (16 reels)

This collection consist of files contains hundreds of substantive documents and is an essential source for the study of Dr. King and his role in the civil rights movement

  • Part II: The King-Levison File (9 reels)

This collection consists of verbatim transcripts and detailed summaries of the telephone conversations between King and one of his most trusted confidants, Stanley D. Levison, a New York lawyer and businessman with whom the civil rights leader spoke on an almost daily basis for more then six years.

New Deal Agencies and Black America (25 reels)

Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control, and the Threat of Thermonuclear War:

Basic Set Special Studies: 1969-1981 (17 reels)

  • First Supplement, 1981-1982 (9 reels)
  • Second Supplement, 1983-1984 (12 reels)
  • Third Supplement, 1985-1986 (7 reels)
  • Fourth Supplement, 1987-1988 ( 10 reels)
  • Fifth Supplement, 1989-1990 (12 reels)
  • Sixth Supplement, 1991-1992 (12 reels)
  • Seventh Supplement, 1993-1995 (12 reels)
  • Eighth Supplement, 1996-2001 (14 reels)

Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933- 1945 (20 reels )

Papers of the NAACP:

  • Supplement to Part I, 1966 – 1970: Meeting of the Board of Directors, Records of Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and Special Reports (12 reels)
  • Part 16: Board of Directors Correspondence and Committee Materials Series A: 1919-1939 (8 reels)
  • Part 25: Branch Department Files Series C: Branch Newsletters, and Printed Materials 1956-1965 (11 reels)
  • Part 25 Series D (40 reels)
  • Part 29 Series A: Field Staff Files (18 reels)
  • Part 29 Series B: Branch Newsletters (15 reels)
  • Part 30 Series A: Subject Files (22 reels)

Papers Of The National Negro Congress:

  • Part I: Records and Correspondence, 1933-1942 (30 reels)
  • Part II: Records and Correspondence, 1943-1947 (36 reels)
  • Part III: Financial Records, 1940-1947, and Publications (19 reels)
  • Part IV: Negro Labor Victory Committee, 1942-1945 (9 reels)

Race, Slavery, and Free Blacks: (Explore forces shaped by slavery that affected the lives of all southerners)

  • Series I, Petitions to Southern Legislatures, 1777-1867 (23 reels)
  • Series A, Part 2, PTA, GA, FL, AL & MS (21 reels)

Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters: Series A, Holding of the Chicago Historical Society and the Newberry Library, 1929-1969:

  • Part I: Records of the BSCP, 1929-1969 (30 reels)
  • Part II: Records of the Ladies Auxiliary of the BSCP, 1931-1968 (10 reels)
  • Part III: Records of the BSCP Relations with the Pullman Company 1925-1968 (10 reels)

Records of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs 1895- 1992:

  • Part I: Minutes of National Conventions, Publications, and President’s Office Correspondence (26 reels)
  • Part II: President’s Office Files, 1958-1968 (15 reels)

Records of the National Negro Business League

  • Part I: Annual Conference Proceedings and Organizational Records, 1900-1919 (3 reels)
  • Part II: Correspondence and Business Records, 1900-1923 (11 reels)

Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1954-1970

  • Part 1: Records of the President’s Office (21 reels)
  • Part 2: Records of the Executive Director and Treasurer (22 reels)
  • Part 3: Records of the Public Relations Department (10 reels)
  • Part 4: Records of the Program Department (29 reels)

The Bayard Rustin Papers ( 23 reels)

The Arthur A. Schomburg Papers (12 reels)

Southern Women and Their Families in the 19 th Century: Papers and Diaries

  • Series A: Holding of the Southern Historical Collections, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Part 7: Phillips and Spencer Family Collections, North Carolina (29 reels)
  • Part 8: Phillips and etc… (36 reels)
  • Series H: Part 3, North Carolina/Virginia (42 reels)

The Margaret Sanger Papers

  • Microfilm Edition: Collection Documents Series (18 reels)
  • Microfilm Edition: Smith College Collection Series (83 reels)

Terrorism: Special Studies

  • 1975-1985 (5 reels)
  • 1985-1988: First Supplement (5 reels)
  • 1989-1991: Supplement (3 reels)
  • 1992-1995: Third Supplement (4 reels)
  • 1992-1995 Fourth Supplement (14 reels)

President Truman’s Committee on Civil Rights (10 reels)

Women’s Studies Manuscript Collection from the Schlesinger Library Radcliffe College:

  • Series I: Women’s Suffrage, Part A: New York (18 reels)
  • Series I: Women’s Suffrage, Part B: New York (15 reels)

This microfilm edition was prepared under the direction of Professor Anne Firor Scott. The object has been to include the major manuscripts collections held by the Schlesinger Library that document the American women’s suffrage movement. With a few exceptions, each collection has been microfilmed in its entirety.

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