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Music Library Computing and Audiovisual Services

In-Library Computing and Audiovisual

Playback ability for:

  • CDs
  • LPs
  • Analog cassette tapes
  • DAT cassette tapes
  • Minidiscs
  • DVDs
  • Videocassettes
  • BluRay discs
  • Laserdiscs
  • Mini DVs
  • CD-ROMs

Please note: Headphones must be worn, and patrons must provide them.

Additional Computing Services

  • CD writing
  • Scanning
  • Computer access - PC (12 stations) and Macintosh (7 stations)
  • Finale music notation software
  • Sibelius music notation software
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Macs only)
  • Garage Band software (Macs only)
  • Keyboard for score reading or use with Mac station
  • Microform reading/scanning station
  • Printing and card-operated photocopying
  • Power outlets in private study carrels
  • Wireless internet access (visitors, ask for password at circulation desk)

Recording/Playback Equipment and Laptop Loan

The Music Library loans recording and playback equipment and laptops.  Loan policies are found in the Joyner Library Circulation Policy.  The following types of equipment are loaned:

  • Sony X-plod Stereo with CD/cassette playback and line-in for external audio sources (2)
  • Sony stereo microphone (can be used with X-plod Stereo or your own equipment)
  • iLive Stereo with CD playback, iPod dock, line-in for external audio, and line-out for iPod video (2)
  • 30g Video iPod formatted for Windows with stereo microphone (30g Video iPod formatted for OSX with stereo microphone
  • Video camera (Sony DCR-DVD710 1 MP, 25X optical zoom) (2)
  • Sharp cassette recorder/player
  • Laptops (7 day checkout period)
  • Joyner Library loans additional computing equipment

Media Conversion Sources

  • Media conversion requests must adhere to all copyright restrictions.
  • Only educational or research-related materials will be considered for conversion
  • The music library reserves the right to limit quantities of media for conversion
  • Requester must supply recording media. 
  • Media conversion requests must be accompanied by a completed Media Conversion Request Form.
  • Media conversion is available for the following formats:
  • CDs
  • Analog cassette tapes
  • DAT cassette tapes
  • Minidiscs
  • LPs (conversion from LPs to another media only; we cannot convert to LP)
  • VHS (conversion from VHS to another media only; we cannot convert to VHS)
  • flash drive (we can place your converted files on a flash drive rather than burning to CD/DVD)