College and university faculty are finding internship and co-op experiences extremely rewarding to students. These experiences are a three-way partnership among the employer, the student, and the university. Numerous benefits are associated with internship and co-op experiences:
  • Acquire new skills and apply those learned in the classroom.
  • Explore potential career interests.
  • Develop professional work habits and improve human relations skills.
  • Gain practical, on-the-job, career-related experience prior to graduation.
  • Improve permanent employment opportunities.
  • Help defray the costs of education.
  • Secure college credit in positions approved by faculty.
  • Assists in the recruitment and retention of students.
  • Builds a positive relationship between the university and local businesses.
  • Improves access to state of the art equipment and technology by using the workplace as a laboratory extension of the classroom.
  • Helps to keep the college curriculum up-to-date with changes in the industry through constant input from the employment sector.
The Career Center staff wants to ensure that students become the employees of choice upon completing their university experience. Internship and co-op experiences allow students to have an avenue to explore career options while increasing their skill proficiency and gaining valuable career-related experience with professionals in their industry of choice. During this experience, students engage on a daily basis, the bridging of the classroom experience with the workplace.

We encourage faculty to be proactive in their students' career development. The Career Center welcomes the opportunity to speak with classes and student organizations regarding the services that we offer. If you are interested in finding out more information about our classroom presentations, please click on the 'Classroom Presentations' link in the sidebar navigation.